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The criminal justice system, captured.
The Frame April 25
At Tribeca Film Festival, new documentaries give voice to the incarcerated and communities struggling with crime.
The Frame March 5
In ‘Flint Town’, a new documentary series on Netflix, cops wrestle with broken bonds with their community.
The Frame January 19
Photographer Kirsten Luce captures the challenges facing migrants who arrive at a U.S. border crossing in Laredo, Texas.
The Frame October 25, 2017
In a new documentary, ‘The Work,’ inmates confront their fears in a quest for empathy.
The Frame October 23, 2017
Photographer Brian L. Frank captures the lives of men on the fire lines and at home in prison conservation camps.
The Frame June 13, 2017
Ronald Elston spent more than 30 years in prison, with no preparation for what he would do if he got out.
The Frame March 13, 2017
A stint in juvenile detention excluded one from the financial support that automatically went to the other.
The Frame December 21, 2016
Buses bring holiday visitors to the women in an Illinois correctional center.
The Frame May 16, 2016
A new book explores a time when Texas prisons promoted rehabilitation through a wildly successful radio show.
The Frame May 3, 2016
An encounter with the Bard transforms a troupe of inmate actors.
The Frame March 13, 2016
“Shout outs” on the air led to van rides to the supermax.
The Frame February 10, 2016
Thousands of photos, unearthed after decades, form an archive of daily life.
The Frame December 29, 2015
A choreographer explores separation and alienation in our prison system.
The Frame December 3, 2015
Minneapolis sit-in for Jamar Clark stretches through a third week.
The Frame September 11, 2015
A defense lawyer’s photos of four women re-entering society.
The Frame July 21, 2015
Criminal justice through the lens of Joe Rodriguez.
The Frame May 8, 2015
A look back at one photographer’s images of motherhood in prison.
The Frame May 1, 2015
One man’s archive of a vanished culture.
The Frame April 24, 2015
Photographer Clara Vannucci captures the chase.
The Frame January 26, 2015
Photographer Sofia Valiente captures the lives of a community of sex offenders.
The Frame January 6, 2015
Photographer Mark Perrott examines the graffiti, and the lives, of the prisoners of E Block.
The Frame December 22, 2014
Andrew Renneisen captures the collateral damage of street violence.
The Frame December 8, 2014
Photographer Zora Murff reveals what it’s like to be a kid in the system.
The Frame November 26, 2014
A portrait series captures the toll of long prison sentences on the people who serve them.
The Frame November 18, 2014
Revisiting “The Innocents,” one of the first photo series to explore the lives of the wrongfully convicted.