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Andrew Cohen examines a single case or character that sheds light on the criminal justice system.
Case in Point December 4
A judge balks at a corporate plea deal he can’t see
Case in Point November 13
An idle threat, but the teenage suspect confessed.
Case in Point October 30
If a witness lies, whose job is it to say so?
Case in Point October 16
The corkscrew case of Rogers Lacaze.
Case in Point September 25
The Supreme Court and non-unanimous juries.
Case in Point September 11
One Arkansas county takes on a private probation company.
Case in Point August 8
A Massachusetts case suggests a different way of judging evidence.
Case in Point July 17
Under “qualified immunity,” often no one.
Case in Point June 12
The Jerry Hartfield case is an extraordinary tale of justice delayed and denied.
Case in Point May 22
Thomas Edward Clardy and the trial after the trial.
Case in Point April 24
The strange case of a convicted killer whose “victim” probably died of her own drug overdose.
Case in Point April 10
...and the detective she says cooked the case.
Case in Point March 20
Did the subject invoke his right to remain silent?
Case in Point March 6
A case that tests corporate liability for chaos.
Case in Point February 20
Lester Packingham’s Facebook post is headed for the Supreme Court
Case in Point February 6
What do we owe an immigrant wrongfully imprisoned for 27 years?
Case in Point January 23
The last six days of Elliott Earl Williams.
Case in Point January 9
Alabama never forgave Phillip Chance for running away.
Case in Point December 19, 2016
The case of Clifton Harvin pits judges against judges.
Case in Point December 5, 2016
The case that awakened us to the mental health trauma of “Supermax”
Case in Point November 14, 2016
The evidence against Rodney Lincoln has evaporated, but the courts say he’s out of luck.
Case in Point October 24, 2016
Ex-prisoners challenge a law that lets local bureaucrats judge “moral turpitude.”
Case in Point September 26, 2016
Percell Warren and Nathaniel Epps died while fighting a rape conviction — but their battle still goes on.
Case in Point September 22, 2016
In Pennsylvania, the heart of solitary confinement reform, an intellectually disabled inmate says he’s been held in wretched isolation for 36 years.
Case in Point September 12, 2016
William Palmer was “severely mentally impaired” when he clashed with police. Should that matter?
Case in Point August 29, 2016
So George Gage sits in prison. And guess what happened to the prosecutor.
Case in Point August 15, 2016
Suppose a judge decides not to decide. For five years.
Case in Point July 18, 2016
It’s more common than you think.
Case in Point June 19, 2016
Is that fair? The U.S. Supreme Court could soon decide.
Case in Point May 22, 2016
Someone else has confessed. The DNA evidence points elsewhere. What does it take to get off death row?
Case in Point May 3, 2016
In a notorious Louisiana case, a judge gets in a last kick.