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June, 2023

A Battle Over First Amendment Rights in Prisons
A Dozen Cities Set Youth Curfews This Year, Even Though They Don’t Reduce Crime
A Judge, a Kiss, and $450,000-plus in Court Work
David Dexter joins The Marshall Project as Senior Development Writer
DeSantis Claims Florida’s Crime is at a ‘Record Low.’ But He’s Using Incomplete Data
Don’t ‘Punish Them More.’ Effort Grows to Ease Job Barriers After Prison Release
Help Wanted (in Prison): Texas Recruits High School Kids To Be Corrections Officers
I Survived Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression in Jail. Now I Guide Others Like Me.
Kristin Bausch and Chris Vazquez Join The Marshall Project as Audience Engagement Producers
New Bias Complaints Continue to Target Top Cuyahoga County Judge
Ohio Prison System Bans Java Computer Manual, But Allows Hitler’s Mein Kampf
Phil Trexler Joins The Marshall Project as New Cleveland Editor-in-Chief
Reproductive Healthcare Behind Bars Was Dismal Even Before Roe Ended
The Basics of Bail in Ohio
The Marshall Project Awarded Two Sigma Delta Chi Awards From Society of Professional Journalists
The Never-Ending Murder Case: How Mental Competency Laws Can Trap People With Dementia
Three Years After George Floyd’s Murder, Police Reforms Are Slow-Paced
Trump’s Case Highlights a New Era of ‘Judge Shopping’
What the Fight Over Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ Reveals About Policing of Protests
When a Conviction is Challenged, What Do We Owe the Victim’s Family?