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July, 2019

A Unique Military Program Helps Sexual Assault Survivors. But Not All of Them.
Can Racist Algorithms Be Fixed?
Illinois puts ankle monitors on thousands. Now it has to figure out who gets tracked—and why
I’m 31. I’m a Lawyer. And I’m Still Getting Stopped by the Police.
In an Apparent First, Genetic Genealogy Aids a Wrongful Conviction Case
It Was My Job to Tell the Truth About Jails
My Dad Taught Me How to Build Things. Now I’m Doing It in Prison.
Reporters Jamiles Lartey and Cary Aspinwall join The Marshall Project
Shock Treatment in Court
The New Price of a Plea Bargain in California
Trump Tried to Deport People Faster. Immigration Courts Slowed Down Instead.
Two Friends Were Found Guilty of the Same Murder. Only One Is Free.
Your Arrest Was Dismissed. But It’s Still In A Police Database.