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October, 2018

Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke's Record Was a Warning Sign
Forget The Ticket — Could You Get Arrested For A Parking Violation?
Freaky Friday, Prison-Style
How Jeff Sessions Is Undermining Trump’s Prison Reform Agenda
I Met My Friend in Prison. Now I Doubt His Innocence.
Louisiana’s Taurus Buchanan Wins Parole After 25 Years
More Women Are Behind Bars Now. One Prison Wants to Change That.
Nearly a Decade Awaiting Trial, Now Freed
Police Recruiters Have a Few Questions
Police With Military Experience More Likely to Shoot
Scott Dozier Still Wants to be Executed. And He's Still Waiting.
Shattering the Maximum Security Ceiling
The Hustle of Kim Foxx
The Isolation of Being Deaf in Prison
The Prison Portraits
The Terrible Cost of The Sentence
The Video Doesn’t Lie — Even If the Officer Did
The Waiting Room
Topeka K. Sam joins The Marshall Project’s Board of Directors
When You’re the Only Cop in Town
Why Police Should Embrace Communities—Not Shut Them Out