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Violation: A podcast from The Marshall Project and WBUR.

A podcast examining an unthinkable crime, second chances and who pulls the levers of power in the justice system. Subscribe wherever you listen.

Episode 01

A Summer Camp Murder. Two Sons, Lost.

The premiere of “Violation,” a podcast from The Marshall Project and WBUR, examines the decades-long ripple effects of an inexplicable crime.
Episode 02

‘Bad Seed’: Two Generations, Two Terrible Crimes

Part Two of the “Violation” podcast explores whether violence runs in families and what should happen to kids who commit murder.
Episode 03

‘A Trap for the Unwary’: The Power and Paradox of Parole Boards

Part Three of the “Violation” podcast examines America’s opaque parole system and how Jacob Wideman prepared to argue for his release.
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Episode 04

‘Heart Tests’: Finding Life (and Love) Behind Bars

Part Four of the “Violation” podcast follows Jacob Wideman as he confronts his mental health, navigates romance, and faces a skeptical parole board.
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Episode 05

‘Mass Supervision’: Out of Prison, But Not the System

Part Five of the “Violation” podcast follows Jacob Wideman on home arrest and examines conditions faced by millions on parole or probation in the U.S.
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Episode 06

The Parole Violation That Sent Jacob Wideman Back to Prison

Part Six of the “Violation” podcast explores: Was Jake a master manipulator, the victim of a misunderstanding — or something worse?
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Episode 07

‘No Safe Place’: On Memory, Trauma and Truth

Part Seven of the “Violation” podcast reveals new information about Jake Wideman’s past and explains what happens next in his legal case.

Bonus: A “Violation” update goes inside an August 2023 hearing in Jake Wideman’s case. Listen here.

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