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Submitted 11:35 a.m. EDT
Letter to the Editor

States seriously need to review cases too.”

Vandy Hill of Sevier, Utah/Burkeville, Va.

I truly believe there is a reformation taking place in our country. I am encouraged by Obama’s actions. Now, it is time states follow his lead.

Lenny Singleton, currently incarcerated in Nottoway Correctional Center in Burkeville, Va., will die in prison if this reformation doesn’t take place on the state level. His case is not a federal case and therefore President Obama cannot grant him clemency. Only the governor of Virginia can do that.

Lenny Singleton committed 8 “Grab and Dash” robberies in a 6-day period while in the throes of his addiction to crack cocaine. For six of these robberies, he was sentenced to 2 life sentences plus 100 years with no chance of parole. He did not have a gun and he did not murder anyone. In fact, not one person filed as a victim. He stole less than $600 and this was his first felony.

His time while incarcerated stands testament to his reformed nature. During his entire 20 years of incarceration he has never received a single infraction for anything. Readers can learn more at

To keep Lenny incarcerated for the rest of his life will cost Virginia taxpayers well over a million dollars — for stealing less than $600 and no one filed as a victim??? States seriously need to review cases too. Let’s hope the momentum to create real change in our criminal justice system continues. Obama’s actions are only the first step.

Vandy Hill is engaged to Lenny Singleton.

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