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Submitted 3:08 p.m. EST
Letter to the Editor

I have started a gofundme campaign for Mr. Williams”

SPC Donald J. Huber of Attica, New York

This is the first letter I have ever written to a publication, but I feel strongly that I have to act. I am an active duty member of the Army, born and raised in Attica, New York.

The absolutely atrocious treatment of Mr. Williams and countless other prisoners is the black stain on the community that I grew up in.

Reading your article in the Times nearly brought me to tears. I attended high school with one of the men mentioned in your article, and I unfortunately cannot say that I was shocked by the contents. It is the elephant in the room in Attica. Racism is the norm. It sickens me. I have started a gofundme campaign for Mr. Williams, and fully intend to ensure that his barber school tuition is payed for by as many members of my home community as I can muster to action. I'll provide a link to the campaign below, and hope that you will join me in this crusade to bring a little justice to a man so horribly wronged by my community. You may edit this letter to your satisfaction, as I'm sure it's a grammatical mess. Please, help us get the word out about this campaign, I want nothing more than for it to be a success. Thank you.

Yours, A concerned citizen.


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