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News Inside Ohio Focus: Juvenile Justice and Reentry Support

News from our Cleveland newsroom impacting the state.

A magazine spread overlaid on a magazine titled News Inside. The page says “Ohio Focus.” Light refracted through prison bars shines onto the magazine.
The introduction of Ohio Focus, found within News Inside Issue 16. You can download the PDF here.
The introduction of Ohio Focus, found within News Inside Issue 16. You can download the PDF here.

In this edition of News Inside, we’re excited to share meaningful journalism that speaks to you.

Recognizing our work has broad statewide impact, our special section called Cleveland Focus, which we introduced in our last issue, is now Ohio Focus. It’s a move that better reflects our expanding reach and engagement efforts across the Buckeye State.

In this section, we share stories produced by our team at The Marshall Project - Cleveland. These are stories that directly impact people and families caught up in the criminal justice system in Ohio.

April marks Second Chance Month. It’s a time to raise awareness about the challenges faced by those of us who have been incarcerated. It’s also a time to celebrate victories in the ongoing struggle for formerly incarcerated people.

This month, Ohio Focus looks at two major issues: how the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court appoints public defenders or private attorneys to represent children accused of crimes, and the lack of support in place for people leaving the Cuyahoga County Jail.

After meeting with the local community and having been incarcerated myself, I know many people have been through this process, or those with children, grandchildren, and other family and friends who have experienced juvenile prosecution.

We hope that by detailing how our courts work, we can bring clarity to how children are represented in our county court system, using facts and data-driven reporting by our Marshall Project - Cleveland reporters.

During my years behind bars in Ohio, as I worked toward earning my parole, my thoughts were consumed by my reentry plan and concerns about the type of support I would receive upon returning to society.

One of my biggest fears was that the guidance I expected wouldn’t be there. That fear is real for folks leaving Cuyahoga County Jail. Our reporting at The Marshall Project - Cleveland has uncovered alarming accounts of the county’s failure to support individuals as they leave jail and the promises made to fix the problem.

We hope this becomes an ongoing conversation. We want to hear your concerns, opinions, or questions about prison. We also want to hear your stories, your past experiences, or your hopes for reconnecting with your family after regaining your freedom.

Readers in Ohio can email me at

We hope these stories inspire and empower you as you prepare to live the life you desire.

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Louis Fields Twitter Email is Outreach Manager for The Marshall Project - Cleveland, where he works closely with the engagement reporting team to increase distribution of the organization’s journalism in Ohio’s prisons and jails, and to reach the Greater Cleveland community. He oversees the Cleveland edition of News Inside, our print magazine for audiences in prison. Prior to joining The Marshall Project, he was the founder and creator of a sports show centered around recreational issues within the Ohio Department of Corrections. He is based in Cleveland, Ohio.